A+D * – Anxiety and depression (measure)
ACMA – Australian Communications and Media Authority (formerly ACA)
ARPANSA – Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
ArcDB – Archive database
ARTG – Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods
ATP – Adenosine 5-triphosphate
BSO – Buthionine Sulphoximine
Ca – Cancer
CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CHIC – Confidentiality of Health Information Committee
CHT – Chemotherapy
CMHP – Cumene Hydroperoxide
DIT – Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)
DNA – Deoxyribonucleic acid
EBM – Evidence-based medicine
EM – Electromagnetic
EMF – Electromagnetic field
FDA – Food and Drug Authority (U.S.A.)
GMI – Glycolytic Metabolic Inhibitor (Glycolytic blocking agent)
GMI/UHF – Current treatment modality (GMI followed by UHF)
Glc – Glucose
GSH – Reduced Glutathione
GSSG – Oxidised Glutathione
HREC – Health Research Ethics Committee
HRQOL – Health-related quality of life
ICNIRP – International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
IMD – Intermodulation distortion
Instr * – (Data collection) Instruments
IV – Intravenous
mtDNA – Mitochondrial DNA
LINAC – Linear accelerator
NCI – National Cancer Institute (U.S.A.)
NHMRC – National Health and Medical Research Council
NCCAM – National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (U.S.A.)
OCCAM – Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Part of NCI)
PICC – Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
Pro/S * – Prospective epidemiological study (post 1 Jan 2006)
Pro/S Pilot * – Prospective study pilot (first months of Pro/S)
QoL – Quality of life (measure)
RANZCR – Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
Retro/S * – Clinical audit of Dr Holt’s files (retrospective study)
RCT – Randomised control trial
RF – Radio-frequency
RTRI – Radiowave Therapy Research Institute
RW – Radiowave
RWT * – Radiowave therapy (GMI + 434 MHz UHF, unless otherwise specified)
UHF/XRT – Radiowave therapy followed by immediate radiotherapy (x- or y- rays)
SAR – Specific absorption rate
SMCO – S-Methyl-L-Cysteine Sulphoxide
Surg – Surgery
t-BuOOH – Tertiary (or tert-) Butyl-Hydroperoxide
TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration
COA – Clinical outcomes analysis (phase)
TXCS – Radiowave transmitter control software
Tx (RF) – Transmitter / treatment
UHF – Ultra-high frequency
WACR – Western Australian Cancer Registry
XRT * – Radiotherapy (radiation therapy) using, for example, a LINAC

Note the abbreviations followed by an asterisk are the author’s own choice; medical terms are often abbreviated in a variety of ways and it will be helpful to us if we use a consistent set of abbreviations throughout the Institute.