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Research Personnel

The Institute research is governed by the Institute Board, controlled by David Bonnin, a founding Director, and supervised by Dr Paul Taylor BSc PGDipSci PhD MACS, a Research Planning and Management Consultant.

Dr Taylor is an experienced research professional, a mathematician and a computer scientist and his responsibilities include collaboration with external research consultants, Universities and other professional groups, coordinating projects, including the design, coding, implementation and maintenance of the Institute data systems pertaining to research.

Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor
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As the Institute’s sole purpose is to sponsor research into radiowave therapy, all research functions, other than day to day administrations, are fulfilled by contracted parties. Nevertheless, the Institute has engaged variously over time, more than 20 professionals including RF technicians, electrical engineers, nutritionist, medical practitioners (including radiotherapist and palliative specialists), medical industry advisors, a computer scientist, an OH&S consultant and several psychologists. This means the Institute has a rich source of professionals to assist its ongoing resource requirements.