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Cancer treatment raises many emotions and fear is predominant along with thoughts like ‘What would I do if I got cancer?’ It is a topic which receives daily press and other media coverage. The very concept of chemotherapy is abhorrent to most, yet great results come from conventional treatments. You could be forgiven for thinking it is the failures that get the publicity and that it is common for the tragedy of cancer to be portrayed in the media. Perhaps this is because it is such a heartfelt topic that people remember such stories.

So when something good about cancer is publicised, it helps many in the community take heart and retain hope – and whilst there are many uplifting stories, one in particular stands out.

This is the story of Dr Holt and his cancer therapies.

It is for the reasons above that Dr Holt has reached so many, for his is a story of hope, yet in many ways one which has polarized the community. It has caused the medical industry anxiety because they argue for more substantial forms of evidencing. It affects this research institute because it has brought to prominence matters which need to be addressed – this is not a bad thing. It has brought the 2004 federal government into the picture because Medicare have supported the treatments for many years – and this the government obviously considers a bad thing, possibly along with the fact that the publicity has raised questions in need of finite answers.

The following links are selected because they are interesting and substantiate why radiowave therapy needs to be researched and put into context with other treatments.

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