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NHMRC Report

Please read the following first, so that you have the report in context.

The report was commissioned by the Australian Federal Minister For Health (at the time) Mr Tony Abbott, in response to the media coverage of radiowave therapy by the Channel Nine ‘A Current Affair’.

It is unfortunate, but logical that Dr Holt, who had been the founder of radiowave therapy and practiced it for some 30 years, did not have the facilities nor mechanisms for detailed long term: research of the science of the therapy; treatment data capture analysis; patient follow up; pre and post treatment outcomes records management and analysis; cancer treatments comparative analysis; or other instruments, devices and resources necessary to achieve the long term sustainable proof of his inventive cancer treatment.

Therefore, no radiowave therapy research of any long term nature has been done. A very limited analysis occurred many years ago comparing one type of cancer response with radiotherapy of the time, and the NHMRC report refers to this. The NHMRC did not conduct its own research of the methods of radiowave therapy treatment over extended periods and it did not review different types of cancer response, with different pre and post patient conditions, with a range of different types of other cancer treatment outcomes. The NHMRC did not set up its own laboratories and analyse the science of the treatment.

This is why there is really only the testaments of those who have had outcomes from the treatments. But the NHMRC report did not use any of these testaments.

The NHMRC drew its outcomes from its own terms of reference and therefore when you read the NHMRC report you will be reminded of the compelling need for the Institute to once and for all conduct its research.