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Dr Holt and his therapies have received an enormous amount of press and general media coverage, government reports, medical industry scrutiny and other reviews over the last 30 years; Some favourable, others not. Has this publicity benefited the broader community and positioned radiowave therapy in its place with other cancer treatments? Obviously not.

To understand this better, one needs to review the history of radiowave therapy, the actions of its founder, his approach to evidencing, and manner of introducing, the treatments to the broader medical community.

In short, radiowave therapy was introduced as a cancer treatment in Australia in the 70’s. Records from this period no longer exist, other than a few examples which Dr Holt retained in case study format. Further, it would appear that Dr Holt focused on treating people until his retirement in 2004, therefore data in relation to outcomes such as long term survival rates, do not exist.

More importantly, at no time has extensive laboratory or other research been conducted to once and for all put radiowave therapy in its place alongside other cancer treatments.

This has little, in this instance, to do with the results of radiowave therapy as there are plenty of past patients who will attest to the efficacy of radiowave therapy (as have been presented in the media – Refer ACA Reports).

What it does mean is that to the many who prescribe cancer treatments, the evidence is not acceptable.

This brings us to the research mandate of the Institute: To get the biology/biochemistry of radiowave therapy into context, to share this information with the wider community and through clinical trials, gain specific knowledge in relation to the treatment outcomes such that it finds its place with other conventional cancer treatments.

So with this in mind, it follows that the Institute has to conduct its research with the highest possible degree of integrity. This is the reason why the bulk of all its work is, and will be, outsourced to existing credible research facilities.

So if you read further in this section hopefully it will become clear why the work of the Institute is so overdue. The links below to some Media, the NHMRC report and other, are provided to give you a cross section of views, opinions and reports, and in no way reflect the views of the Institute or its employees.

Please accept that the Institute Board has an open mind, but one which is underpinned in the knowledge that radiowave therapy research is a good investment.

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