About the Institute

Mission, Vision & Objective


The Institute is committed to the wellbeing and future health of the community through investment in cancer and other disease treatment and prevention research.


Our vision is to: sponsor radiowave therapy research; test and assess theories which exist in relation to the treatment; present the facts by documenting research outcomes in peer-reviewed publications; identify the extent to which, and how, variation of this treatment modality apply and compare with conventional treatments of cancer.


  • To sponsor radiowave therapy research projects in Australia and overseas, wherever access to best practice technologies, facilities, resources and know-how exist.
  • To undertake sequential independent research projects, the outcomes of which will inherently reinforce the findings of each other, at the same time acting to define the extent of subsequent research projects.
  • In the process of testing a broad range of hypotheses in relation to radiowave therapy, to ensure that the aim of random clinical trails remains the foremost expeditious end point.
  • To put radiowave therapy into context with conventional cancer treatments – this could be as an adjuvant or neo adjuvant therapy or in some other stand alone capacity.