About the Institute

Director’s Message

Thank you for visiting the Institute website.

The Institute is a non-profit organisation and its Directors believe radiowave therapy will be shown to have its place within the conventions of treating persons with cancer, and possibly other diseases.

It is most likely I would not have become involved in founding the Institute had I not been diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2003. It is a rare and rather unforgiving bone marrow/blood related disease (Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia).

Getting over the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis is challenging as your life perspectives are subject to instant revision. Those close to cancer know how this journey commences and progresses, along with the anxieties inherent within it.

What is vital from my experience is to do things about your situation that are within your control. As soon as I undertook reading about cancer and asking questions, I was on a path to self-managing my disease.

I heard about Dr John Holt and his radiowave therapy practice in Perth and invited myself into one of the last of his treatments before his retirement in 2004.

My cancer responded to treatment (life extension and quality of life are a big thing for me).

The patient community loved Dr Holt; the medical community did not. The answer lies in part due to the lack of evidence in ‘peer’ reviewed publications about radiowave therapy.

Further, the treatment of cancer has enormous commercial ramifications for those in an industry that is inherently self-regulated. Hence, it is one thing to have ex-patients variously testifying to the benefits of Dr Holt’s therapies and another matter altogether to evidence these benefits for medical community acceptance.

So let me rewind the tape for a sec. Imagine the thoughts going through the minds of all of us who were getting Dr Holt’s treatment for the last time before his retirement in June 2004. How could we find a way to do the research that had not been done and at the same time find a way to continue to get the treatment?

It transpired that I met another of Dr Holt’s patients who was willing and able to help with the establishment of the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute – to sponsor further radiowave therapy research.

It is to be hoped that you get from this site a greater understanding of the Institute research and gain some perspective of the journey required of us to put radiowave therapies in their place with other conventional treatments.

In the mean time I think of radiowave therapy in these terms:

It is not proven, it is unconventional, it is unpredictable – but for most it is side-effect free, safe and non-toxic. It is a treatment from which many have benefited. This is why the Institute research is so important.

I wish you well with your journey and can only hope that the Institute’s research projects may one day mean radiowave treatment will once again be available for patients.

By the way, I have not to date had any other form of cancer treatment. This makes the journey so far a worthwhile investment.

In Health and Sincerely,

David Bonnin
Institute Director