About Radiowave Therapy

Cellular Respiration

To understand how radiowave therapy applies in the treatment of cancer, it may assist to be familiar with the science of cellular metabolism.

Cells obtain the energy they require from anaerobic or aerobic respiration. It has been postulated that tumour cells rely on anaerobic respiration, even in the presence of oxygen and that this is due to some impairment of the mitochondria in these cells.

Dr Holt has developed his 434 MHz and metabolic inhibitor therapy on the basis of the opportunity to fight cancer by disrupting the glycolytic pathway in cancer cells, thereby depriving them of the energy they need to survive.

The compound used to inhibit this metabolic pathway is glutathione. It is claimed that this effect can be amplified by the exposure of tumour cells to radiofrequency waves.

For more information on cellular respiration, click here (PDF 940 kb).