Welcome to the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute.

This Institute is a non-profit, privately owned and privately funded establishment – studying the physical, clinical, biochemical and human factor outcomes of two forms of radiowave therapy in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

The Institute does not provide any cancer treatments.

The Institute is wholly focused on sponsoring and funding research, both in Australia and overseas. More >

Director’s Message

“Thank you for visiting the Institute website.

The Institute is a non-profit organisation and its Directors believe radiowave therapy will be shown to have its place within the conventions of treating persons with cancer and possibly other diseases.

It is most likely I would not have become involved in founding the Institute had I not been diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2003. It is a rare and rather unforgiving bone marrow/blood related disease (Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia).

Getting over the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis is challenging as your life perspectives are subject to instant revision. Those close to cancer know how this journey commences and progresses, along with the anxieties inherent within it.

What is vital from my experience is to do things about your situation that are within your control. More >

The Dr Holt Connection

Radiowave therapy is based on the treatment modalities developed and practiced for over thirty five years by Dr John Holt. In June 2004 Dr Holt retired at age 80.